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The Volunteers of Miracle Flights for Kids

December 30, 2016
If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, take a look at the work being done by Miracle Flights for Kids. In order to continue to provide services to families in need, Miracle Flights for Kids has developed a thorough marketing program that promotes awareness for their cause and promotes their services through specifically targeted outreach programs. Miracle Flights for Kids has also worked to enlist the help of service minded individuals by utilizing strategic calls to action and by inspiring the spirit of volunteerism. Their volunteers take pride in the work they do and it shows through their actions and words. Families are helped through their work and efforts and you could be a part of that by volunteering for Miracle Flights for Kids.

Getting Children the Help They Need

November 13, 2016
Approximately 30 million Americans have some sort of a rare disease that may either negatively alter their lives or even shorten it in some cases. The worst part of that is that more than half of these afflicted Americans are children and a great many of them won’t live until their fifth birthday. And a great many sick children can get better through treatment, but that treatment isn’t always available nearby. It’s often hundreds or thousands of miles away. That means many families are kept from getting their children the treatment they need by the high costs of airline tickets.

In operation since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has grown to be a very important charitable organization; one of the best health and welfare flight organizations in the country. For more than 30 years, they have provided the financial assistance needed to provide medical flights to seriously ill children who need them to get the life-altering or life-saving medical care they need. With their help, thousands of children have gotten help from medical experts and second opinions that save lives. Not only that, but their families also receive hope that they're beloved child may love a healthier longer life.

A Vision with Passion - Miracle Flights for Kids

August 09, 2016
In order to successfully bring about a vision into a reality, one needs passion. When one looks at Miracle Flights for Kids, their vision can be seen and that vision is to assist children and families in need of specialized care that is far from their homes that cannot afford to travel to that specialized health care facility. And if you look at the history of their company, you can see that their vision became a reality when it was met by the passion of Ann McGee, Miracle Flights for Kids founder. With her passion and the passion and assistance of thousands of donors and volunteers across America, low income children finally have access to reach the medical care professionals they require without the fear of sky high medical bills to follow. Their vision is taking flight everyday through the passion and hard work of everyone involved at Miracle Flights for Kids.

Miracle Flight for Kids and Low Income Families

May 26, 2016
Currently, there are millions of low-income families throughout the United States and of these families, thousands of them have children that are in great need of help traveling to the specialized medical services they need in order to better their lives. Today, thousands of donors and volunteers across the United States come together on a regular basis to make a change and this is because in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids became a reality. Miracle Flights for Kids is now the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization through the dedication of its donors and volunteers. And to this day, Miracle Flights for Kids has coordinated more than 97,000 flights and 53 million miles of medical air travel.

All over the nation, there is a great need for children from low income families to have a way to travel to specialized medical care. These flight expenses are expensive, especially for families that are already suffering financially from medical bills. That is specifically why Miracle Flights for Kids was founded. The dream was to be able to help children and families to reach that specialized medical care facility, no matter how far from home, without worrying about the debilitating costs. Removing the barrier of travel, these families now have access to healthcare that can dramatically improve their quality of life without the debilitating costs.

Miracle Flights for Kids Is The Nation’s Leading Nonprofit And Welfare Organization

February 15, 2016
The benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are significant. Research indicates that businesses employing CSR into their strategic plans often gain more customers, better consumer feedback, a more positive reputation, happier employees and additional clients as well as the benefits of earned from becoming increasingly ethical and responsible. Incorporating community involvement into the professional environment often improves the overall business. Miracle Flights for Kids -- the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization -- recommends two options for corporate and workplace giving if adding their 30-year-old charity into a company’s CSR strategy. Whether in the private sector or government (federal/state/local), giving options are available specific to business needs, including appropriate tax deductions. On a corporate giving level, individuals can work with Miracle Flights for Kids to truly make a difference. With goals of directly benefitting families and children in need of medical care through the nonprofit, businesses can utilize this option to strategically plan giving efforts that include brandbuilding, fundraising and more to create a real impact. From donating airline seats to hosting events, volunteerism or sponsoring a family, the ideas are plentiful to ensure opportunities reach their fullest potential for businesses and Miracle Flights for Kids alike. More details are available at www.miracleflights.org.

Miracle Flights For Kids Is An Incredible Charity

September 16, 2015
Miracle Flights for Kids is an incredible charity that has helped to improve access for low income kids to health care. They accomplish this by providing financial assistance in order to obtain commercial air travel so that the children can reach the professionals and specialists who were able to provide the medical care they need. Additionally, Miracle Flights for Kids has worked to promote awareness of the services they offer through a number of targeted outreach programs. This is done so that those they're trying to help will be aware of the programs and services that are being made available to them. By enlisting volunteers and community-minded individuals to help through strategic calls to action, Miracle Flights for Kids is able to create these dynamic programs at a relatively cheap price.

Miracle Flights of Kids is a non-profit that does as much as they can to do more with less. This is necessary because they have too few volunteers, too little money, and too little press. Miracle Flights for Kids  offers programs that have helped to improve the lives of numerous children across the United States in big ways. Founded in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has coordinated more than 90,000 flights and traversed the entire nation in the process.
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